Bicycling in the Val de Ruz, Neuchâtel

What do many Swiss do when the snows are gone and they can't hit the slopes? They grab bikes and hit the trails. Switzerland has hundreds of miles of trails and bike paths for thick-wheeled mountain bikes and their thin-wheeled cousins. Trails are often well-marked and maintained. Signs are posted providing directions and distances.

In Canton Neuchâtel biking lanes skirt Lake Neuchâtel and parallel the highway in the Val de Ruz, a valley ten minutes drive from the town of Neuchâtel. The Jura mountains have numerous bike paths for mountain bikers. In fact in and around Neuchâtel are over 250 miles of mountain bike trails. For a good downhill run you can take a funicular train from the town of Neuchâtel up to the mountain top of Chaumont or drive or bus to La Vue des Alpes and ride back trails through forest and farmland to the Val de Ruz or beyond. The Hotel la Clef des Champs at Tete de Ran is a good starting point for a few mountain bike trails. An easier bike path for thin-wheeled bikes is from the village of Môtiers through the Val de Travers (Travers Valley) to the town of Neuchâtel. For these and other bike trails ask for a map at the Tourist Information Bureau in the town of Neuchâtel located in the main post office.

Hike and Mountain Bike Sign post at Tet de Ran.