Snowless Tobogganing, La Vue des Alpes

Some people come to this mountain pass between the towns of Neuchâtel and La Choix du Fonds for a meal or a cup of coffee and a view of the Alps. In fact, this is what I usually do. But there is a lot more to do here.

During the winter months this spot is a base for cross-country skiing on the trails of the Jura mountains, easy downhill skiing on a short run (tow - no chairs), sledding, and snowshoeing along established trails through the forests, among the rolling hills, and across pastures. In all seasons you have pleasant walks with good views of the valley Val de Ruz, and the alps beyond if the weather is clear.

Down-hill Skiing, La Vue des Alpes

Bicyclists, La Vue des Alpes

In warmer weather months you can use the Restaurant Relais de la Vue des Alpes and parking lot as a base for hiking, mountain biking on the Jura Mountain trails or ride your thin-tube bike on the windy mountain highways. It is almost all downhill to Lake Neuchâtel, so you can brag about how much distance you covered in such a short time, and you won't even be winded by the experience.

A snowless, wheeled toboggan run twists and turns for 700 meters. Great fun for kids and adults alike.

More information on the toboggan run

Horseback riding is available though the stables are not in the area. You will need to call to make an appointment (Tel: 032 913 49 55).

Toboggan Run, La Vue des Alpes

Paved Road to Right of Hotel la Vue des Alpes

Follow the one lane paved road to the right of Hotel la Vue des Ales for a pleasant walk through the forests with good views of Lake Neuchâtel and the alps in the distance. You will find large picnic tables and fire rings if you wish to have a BBQ.

Kindling is provided by the caretakers of the forest, but you might bring your own large pieces of wood to burn. Arrive early to be sure a table and pit are free.

Picnic Tables and Fire Pits, La Vue des Alpes

Horseback Riding

From downtown Neuchâtel to the restaurant takes about 20 minutes by car though you can, also, take a bus from Place Pury in downtown Neuchâtel. To get here by car take the freeway heading for La Chaux-de-Fonds. Drive through the gorge. Continue five minutes on the freeway until you pass through the tunnel. Take the next exit which says La Vue-des-Alpes. At the end of the off ramp make a left. Drive up the hill through the farmland and forest for the next 10 minutes or so until you get to the top of the mountain. At the pass you will see the white two story Hotel La Vue des Alpes on the right.

The Restaurant Relais La Vue des Alpes Restaurant de la Relais Vue des Alpes is on your immediate left with a big parking lot in front. It is a one story contemporary flat-roofed building. Get in the left hand turning lane and make a left into the parking lot. Watch out for traffic coming around the bend to your right. The traffic can come pretty fast.

If you want this to be more than a day excursion you can stay at the Hotel La Vue des Alpes mentioned above or at the Hotel la Clef des Champs which is about a ten minute drive off on a narrow row off the main highway.

Mountain Biker, La Vue des Alpes