Pot, Container, Planter

Large Pot Made of Iron Rebar and Stones

Every now and then a design or particular use of materials catches your attention, and you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" While walking in Switzerland's Jura Mountains in an area known as 'La Vue des Alpes' I saw this large 'pot'. The pot is made of vertical arcs of iron rebar, and concentric horizontal rebar rings of varying dimensions. The vertical rebar are bent inward at the ends to help secure the construction. The resulting mesh of rebar is lined with stones followed by a sheet of plastic. One only needs to add dirt and a plant. What an ingenuous design and construction! Makes one proud to be human.

Pot Made of Rebar
and Stones

Rebar Curved Into
Horizontal and Vertical Arcs

Rebar Pot Lined
Lined with Stones

Ends of Rebar
Bent In


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