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Switzerland Neuchâtel
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Market Place des Halles
La Vue des Alpes
Lake Cruises
Neuchâtel Port Lake Neuchâtel is huge. It is the largest lake lying entirely within the borders of Switzerland. Ferry cruises, connecting towns and villages on the lake leave several times a day though frequency of travel, and the number of destinations, is limited during the cold-weather months . Ferries, also, sail via canals to villages on the Lake Bieler and Lake Morat.
Ferry time tables and tickets are available at Neuchâtel's port located by the central post office. If you have a discount train pass, bring it. Your discount train pass may give you discount on your ferry ticket.

If you arrive early for your ferry journey on Lake Neuchâtel you can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat at one of the locale cafés overlooking the harbor or on the old paddle wheel ferry, Au Bateau, permanently anchored in the harbor.
Swiss Flag on Ferry Stern