Stone Age House Reconstruction, Hauterive

Museum of Archaeology

Thousands of years ago Stone Age man lived in wood houses built on stilts on the shores of lakes in what is now Switzerland. Artifacts of this pre-historic culture and a reconstruction of a lake dwelling are found at the Latenium, Park and Archaeology Museum (Laténium, parc et Musée d'Archéology) located on the lake shore of the town of Hauterive ten minutes drive from downtown Neuchâtel.

More information on early man (and woman) in the Neuchâtel region.

Other ancient finds in the museum include a jaw bone and Neanderthal flint tools from the Cotencher cave, a Cro-Magnon skull from the Bichon cave, Roman and Merovingian artifacts, and Celtic tools and arms from the La Tène site. More recent artifacts on display include red roof tiles dating from the 1800's back to the 1400's.

Reconstruction of Roman Boat, Hauterive