Switzerland, Neuchatel, Buskers Music Festival
Switzerland Neuchâtel
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Buskers Music Festival
Blue Chillout Sax Player, Neuchâtel For one long weekend a year the street musicians are the kings of Neuchâtel. From the market places, alcoves, and narrow cobbled streets of the town jazz, blues, classical, rock, and ethnic music entertain townspeople and visitors. In recent years Blue Chillout of Switzerland played in the streets of Neuchâtel as has the bands Duo Resonante of Denmark, Cosmic Sausages from the UK, Börte from Mongolia, Sevara Nazarkhan from Uzbekistan, Gwazigann from Switzerland, and Koumba Tosh of Benin to name a few.
The setting of the festival is superb among the 17th, 18th, and 19th century buildings of old Neuchâtel. Each band is usually excellent, the music free for the listening, and the Neuchâtel Buskers Festival is not all that well known yet. You won't be wedging your way through crowds of people to hear good music. Gwazigann Playing the Neuchâtel's Ancients Streets