Hotel Chaumont et Golf

Chaumont et Golf

Eighty-eight rooms, suites and apartments are priced for one or two occupancy and differ according to high and low season. Room rates range from about CHF200 to CHF 600. Service and taxes are included in the price. Low season from January to June, and September to December. Contact the hotel for exact dates. Rooms include direct line telephone, satellite TV, radio with alarm, mini bar, hair dryer. Some rooms have kitchenettes and balconies.

Two restaurants are on site. Also, down the hill and across the street is the Petit Hotel Restaurant a 'down home' restaurant serving a limited menu including fondue, and also, delicious horse steak (and other types of steak). The Petit Hotel Restaurant will give you more of a 'Swiss' feel than what you would have in the modern hotel restaurant. If the restaurant was on a major highway (which it isn't) the Petit Hotel Restaurant would be a popular truck stop.

The Chaumont and Golf Hotel is 10 minutes by bus from the Neuchâtel train station (take bus number 7) or 13 minutes or more by funicular (mountain cable car) and connecting bus. Parking at the hotel is free. The hotel will also provide transportation to the train station. Be sure to give them some advance notice.

At an elevation of 1100 meters winters bring snow, but the road from the hotel and to Neuchâtel is well maintained. Downhill skiing is available within 15 minutes drive for easy slopes. Beginners to intermediate are about 20 minutes away. For real alpine skiing that will take your breath away and threaten life and limb you will have about a two hour drive.

A wide variety of wild flowers competes with grasses in surrounding fields in the spring. You can buy a book about Swiss wildflowers at the bookstore Peyot in downtown Neuchâtel or order the book on

Wilf FLowers at Chaumont ,

1 Chemin de Grand Hotel
Chaumont, Neuchâtel

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