Maison des Halles, Neuchâtel

The people of Neuchâtel know how to live. Their town is nestled snuggly between terraced vineyards, Switzerland's largest lake, and the Jura mountains. A promenade skirts the lake shore where townspeople saunter on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The alps stretch across the horizon.

Depending upon the season hiking, skiing, sailing, ballooning, kayaking, sledding, ice skating, swimming, scuba diving, and cruises on the lake are minutes away. The town enjoys many small boutiques, surprisingly good museums, and a variety of restaurants.

Sledding, Jura Mountains

Ferry, Port Neuchâtel

Ferries sail from Neuchâtel's harbor for towns and villages along the Lake Neuchâtel's shoreline. Canals connect the lake to two other lakes and their villages. Taking the ferry to Bieler See will bring you to Isle St. Pierre (St. Peter's Island) home for a short time to Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau Rousseau. You can visit his room at the chateau, and enjoy lunch or dinner in the chateau's courtyard.

The Swiss are known for their natural reserve. In September, however, the people of Neuchâtel throw any reserve to the winds during Neuchâtel's very popular Fete des Vendages celebrating the wine harvest. Tens of thousands of visitors from neighboring cantons flow into Neuchâtel for a long weekend of wine tasting, feasting and music.

Bass Player, Neuchâtel.

Restaurant Banneret, Neuchâtel

Besides the Activities both Neuchâtel town and canton boasts some of the best Swiss French architecture in the country dating as far back as the middle ages.

Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, and Basel are a short distance away. So much is happening year round in Neuchâtel, however, that often there is no good reason to leave.

Alphorn Musician, Neuchâtel