Just a short block from Place des Halles, on Neuchâtel's oldest square is the Café Aubier. The café is fairly new having replaced the Chateau dry cleaners around 2001. (The Chateau dry cleaners moved about a block away to Place des Halles and then moved again to another location in the town.) The Café Aubier serves a variety of teas and coffees, and a few items to eat for breakfast and lunch. The café's interior is attractive, and staff is friendly. Climbing the steps in the back of the Aubier takes you up to the outdoor terrace, a nice place to sit and relax and sip your coffee on warm sunny days and watch people passing in and out of the square.

Though the coffee is better at the Cafe Floridita the Aubier is at a better location with a view of some excellent architecture ringing the square, and one of the town's most picturesque fountains complete with mediaeval soldier in armour standing guard on his own personal Corinthian capital and column. In the old days townspeople would come to this fountain to wash their clothes, water their horses and cart away a buckets of water for household use. The small cobbled road just right of the café is one of the original ancient roads leading to the castle and cathedral on the top of the hill. The tower on the other side of the narrow road is one of the last remaining defensive towers of ancient Neuchâtel. The beautiful clock was added at a later date.

Address: Rue du Chateau 1
Telephone: 032 710 1858

Knight Stands Guard before Cafe Aubier