Café Floridita

Just off Place des Halles, Neuchâtel's market square, is the Café Floridita. Small and unassuming this café happens to serve the best cappuccino in town. When the weather is warm you might find a table outside, where you can watch the townspeople walk by on their way to and from work or shopping. If the café is full you can walk to the market square about 20 paces away where you might find an outdoor table in the sun in front of one of the other local cafés. The cappuccino won't be nearly as good though.

The Floridita's menu of the day is often quite good, and relatively inexpensive at around CHF15. Arrive before the lunch hour to find a table free.

5 Rue de Flandres, 5:30 - 20:00 Monday thru Wednesday, 5:30 - 2400 Thursday thru Saturday, closed Sunday.

Interior Cafe Floridita