Café du Théatre

Stepping into the Café du Theatre is like walking into a restaurant on the Champs d'Elysées in Paris. Coffee and croissant is served in the morning, and later a lunch and dinner menu. Probably built in the 1800s the interior is a mixture of stone, wood and cast iron columns and capitals, the latter painted a kelly green with corinthian capitals and other embellishments painted gold. A comfortable atmosphere you can sit here over a cup of coffee and talk with friends for hours, plan your next travel route or read your favorite book.

Old round cast iron clock is one of the few clocks in Switzerland that don't work.

The restaurant is one short block from Neuchâtel's main post office, which in turn is beside the port where the ferries dock and set sail.

Restaurant Interior with Old Round Cast Iron Clock

Terrace Seating

In the mornings most people sit on the enclosed terrace, have a cup of coffee and a croissant, read the paper or visit with friends. A group of older Italian gentlemen often gather in the mornings in the far corner and visit for a while. When I come here for coffee I usually read a book or work on my computer. Unfortunately, this is not a hotspot for getting on the web.