Pinte de Pierre-à-Bot

Restaurant Pinte de Pierre-à-Bot is a small restaurant set on the quiet rolling grasslands and trees of a park. This is one of the most peaceful, calm Restaurants and natural surroundings you can enjoy in or near Neuchâtel, and is excellent for kids. The outdoor seating is a favorite of people who want to sit in the sun, sip a drink or order a meal from the menu, and talk with friends.

A small playground just a few steps down the hill helps keep young children from being bored. Chess and checker boards are available for older kids and adults. Just behind the restaurant is a basketball 'court' though the court itself is grassy and has a few lumps. Ping pong tables are adjacent to the basketball court.

The menu includes meat dishes with choice of sauces and fries. The fondue is good, and is especially a favorite of locals on cold winter nights when the restaurant's natural wood interior offers a cozy place to eat and visit with friends for a few hours.

Dress is casual throughout the day, and casual to nice-casual for dinner. The number of tables is very limited, which adds to its sense of intimacy, but means you might not find a table for dinner. Call ahead for dinner reservations.

Road to Chaumont and Signs for Restaurant Pierre-à-Bot

Sign of Pierre-à-Bot Park

If you want to rough it, you can bring your own food and eat at one of the picnic tables scattered in the park. A gravel trail up along the trees boarding the park is available for walkers, and park benches are present when you've had enough exercise, and want to meditate on the Alps and Lake Neuchâtel on the distant horizon. The forest also provides inviting, easy trails.

From the center of Neuchâtel the restaurant is about a ten minute drive. Take the road up toward Chaumont. Watch for the signs you see in the photo. You will need to make a left onto a single lane paved road. The restaurant about one minutes down this road and is in the middle of a park.

Pierre-à-Bot 106, 2000 Neuchâtel
Tel. +41 (0)32 725 33 80, Fax +41 (0)32 725 35 72