Martin Kisler

Martin Kisler sells fruit and vegetables in front of the Restaurants during both the warm and cold winter months. Martin speaks English, French, German and has traveled to many parts of the world including the United States and Australia.

Martin buys his fresh produce wholesale in Geneva. Even in winter months his selection is impressive, and the reason being most is imported. In March with snow falling and ski slopes just a few minutes away he sells lemons from Argentina, tomatoes from Morocco, grapefruit from Florida, green peppers, strawberries and figs from Spain, bananas from Columbia, kiwis from Italy, asparagus from California and Morocco, grapes from South Africa, oranges from Spain and Italy, and lettuce, apples, pears and pioreux from Switzerland. And, his opening times include Sundays and holidays when most places are closed.

Apples and oranges at La Vue des Alpes