Hotel du Chateau, Valangin, Switzerland
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Valangin Village


Hotel du Chateau
Hotel du Chateau, Valangin, Switzerland. Enlarge

The Hotel du Chateau or Castle Hotel is just steps from Valangin castle, and is in the center of the beautiful mediaeval village. I've not stayed in, much less entered the hotel, so I don't know if the interior is as picturesque as the exterior. The village itself though is charming and quiet. Walks through the forest are minutes away, the castle museum is worth seeing for its eclectic collection, and the vibrant town of Neuchâtel and the immense Lake Neuchâtel is a mere ten minutes away by car.

A small restaurant, a pleasant little place to get a bite to eat, resides in the same building as the hotel. The owner of the restaurant also owns a deli just off the square Place des Halles in downtown Neuchâtel. Just across the street from both the hotel, restaurant, and castle is a small bakery where you can munch some local pastries and sit for a cup of coffee.

Though the village of Valangin is small it is a quaint place to stay. More restaurants, hotels and Activities are not far if you have a car or take the bus. A local bus runs in and out of Valangin to Neuchâtel and points beyond. The central train station in Neuchâtel will take you to destinations all over Switzerland, and of course all over Europe.

For more restaurants, museums, Activities, hotels, and places of interest check out nearby Neuchâtel.

Hotel du Chateau Entrance, Valangin, Switzerland. Enlarge